Hotel Berghof
Discover yourself, discover time, discover one another...

Ramsau and the legendary Dachstein, once throne of the ancient deities, have always been well known as a special place on earth.
A place of regeneration and inspiration.  
Anyone who discovers this “heavenly corner” just once will come again and again!

Pure indulgence
Hotel Berghof lies in a peaceful, sunny location, surrounded by an unspoilt landscape and meadows, quietly on the southern steps of the Dachstein.
We offer you an all-encompassing BERGhof SAUNA and SPA.
And anyone seeking a little more activity can take advantage of the countless offerings of our region. We take care of our guests with outstanding service.
Just moments away, walk into Ramsau town in around 10 minutes.  

Do you enjoy life?  Then you’ll be in good hands with us!

We are a passionate host family and we gain great pleasure from playing a part in making our guests' holidays happy ones.

Our greatest playing field is the great outdoors.  However, guests looking for more will find a lot on offer in-house, as well as a wide range of possibilities in the surrounding area.
A small, stimulating watery oasis lies beneath the hotel on the Ramsaubach, inviting one to pause awhile.
Simply relax or dive out into the cold depths!
Keen fishermen may even find a snappy trout awaiting them! Nice catch!

Around 100m away from the hotel lies our own organic farm.
Here, our guests can experience animals and get close to nature.
Or choose to indulge their delight (obsession) in collecting mushroom or berries from our own woodland.

It is not just our cuisine and our selected range of wines that are delicious and fine. This is also true of our water.
The fresh mountain water of the Dachstein is wonderfully stimulating and energy-giving due to fine particle oscillation exchange with thousand-year old Alpine water, which has undergone pure revitalisation in mountain inclusions.  The discoverer Johann Grander thus describes himself as a »finder« rather than an »inventor«. But even if modern physics is still seeking explanations - the practical effect has already received international recognition.
And you too will be amazed!

We hope that we have been able to inspire you, and that we will be able to welcome you to   
our ****Hotel BERGhof soon.
Warmest wishes,
Caro and Hias WIESER

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